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Insulation Mattresses

Getting to the heart of the puzzle.

The turbine is the heart of a power plant. And just like a real heart, it needs optimal conditions to keep going. Because if it stops, so does the power. This means insulating for both heat and cold, to ensure that the turbine can deliver optimal performance at all times.

But it’s not easy. In other areas of a power plant, you insulate for one or the other. So striking the balance between hot and cold with a turbine requires specialised solutions. Furthermore, turbines are complex machines. So the insulating elements need to fit every nook and cranny perfectly.

This is where KAEFER has developed a specialised product that is as simple as it is innovative. KAEFER Mattresses for gas and steam turbine insulation are tailor-made for specific models of equipment and are designed in our Corporate Competence Center in Bremen.

We work closely with manufacturers to ensure that our mattresses fit every turbine exactly. From concept to final design and down to the last corner and angle. Assembling this modular system is like putting together a large puzzle. And the benefit is that if a particular part of it needs to be replaced, it can be without removing anything else.

The modular mattress solutions we develop and manufacture in our own, dedicated production facility in Hungary can be mounted with much less effort and specialised expertise than traditional insulation. And replacement parts are available almost immediately.

This is KAEFER’s innovative thinking applied to the ‘second skin’ of turbines. And it’s your benefit in terms of costs, ease of use and performance.

KAEFER Turbine Insulation Fabrication Workshop in Kecskemet (Hungary)
KAEFER turbine insulation fabrication workshop in Kecskemet, Hungary

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Our service portfolio in insulation mattresses

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Tailor-made steam turbine insulation by KAEFER
Tailor-made steam turbine insulation by KAEFER
KAEFER CAD design of a steam turbine insulation
CAD design of a steam turbine insulation
KAEFER standard insulation mattresses for industry applications
KAEFER standard insulation mattresses for industry applications